FEANTSA Study Session: Housing First for Youth
From 12 at 16 June 2017 was held in Budapest a study session dedicated to’Housing First for young

During the week we worked intensely on the innovative method of Housing First For Youth, on the basis of an approach based on fundamental rights. The residential seminar, held in Budapest from 11 at 17 July at the European Youth Centre and organized by FEANTSA Youth and the Council of Europe, He collected 30 participants around the theme of youth homelessness. United Kingdom, Finland, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Scotland, Poland were the countries represented, In addition to Italy, for which Daniela Gatta, Marta G and Lyn Parker participated representing the fio. PSD and their organizations.

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The comparison has been across many professionalism: social workers, Administrators, Office of communications and public relations representatives have dialogued, by exchanging their experiences, knowledge, good practices. Speakers included numerous experts, including Stephen Gaetz the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, Peter Cockersell and Kathrin Schiffer, psychotherapists. The seminar was highly methodological focus education about Housing First For Youth, In addition to promoting the establishment of a European network that promotes the continuous and constant dialogue between different realities that share values and a desire to promote a fairer and inclusive growth.