The 24-25 October will be held in Bergamo European Conference 2014 by Feantsa

The 25 October in the afternoon will take place, always in Bergamo, l’National Assembly Members. PSD

This year's Conference will offer the space to discuss a wide range of challenges and solutions. It will be an opportunity to 300 operators from all over Europe to exchange information on the most significant policies and practices for preventing and reducing Homelessness

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Background and context in the European Union

The latest reports Feantsa show a substantial increase in homelessness in 15 countries over the past 1-5 years, with an increasing number of women, Teen, families and homeless migrants. Much of the EU's population goes to live in a condition of Homelessness and vulnerability are increasing. More than ten European countries have developed national strategies, and more are in the works. The European Commission has stepped up its efforts with the release of a political leadership to support Member States in their actions to deal with this phenomenon and specific programs targeting homeless people are now eligible under the new structural and investment funds

The European Parliament has appealed twice to a EU homelessness strategy (in 2011 and 2014), and the Committee of the regions of the European Union reiterated this appeal in late June 2014

Aims of the Conference

  1. Support policies and practices in the field of homelessness, driving innovation and research towards a new generation of best practices
  2. Contribute to the achievement of the Europe 2020, and that is the social investment package of the European Union adopted by the European Commission in February 2013. A key priority of the package is to “Addressing Homelessness”
  3. Provide space for experimenting new ways of sharing knowledge and building networks

Key documents of the Conference

ProgramSpeakersDescription Workshops and hotspots

Programme ENSpeakersWorkshops and hotspots

Programme FRIntervenantsAteliers et foyers d ' activité


The main language of the Conference will be English

Plenary sessions will have simultaneous interpretation in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Workshops on Friday and Saturday include Hotspot translation in Italian (simultaneous or consecutive)

Registration and Costs

Conference + lunch 100 Euro (50 Euro If Members fio. PSD or partner entities of Bergamo)

Accomodation package 300 Euro (2 nights in single room with breakfast and dinners 23 and 24); for reservation contact:

Or stay at the Central Hostel in Bergamo to contact independently

Deadline for registration: 10 October 2014