Fio.PSD is the only Italian Member project ELOSH, higher education project funded by the Leonardo

The project aims to disseminate learning tools among social workers for supporting the co-production from users the same services that are beneficiaries; join a broad coalition of Elosh 14 partners from 8 EU Member States and sectors (housing, health care and service providers)

This innovative paradigm increases the potential repercussions of social forestry, by focusing on people and their needs, indeed even more, doing host services based on responses to their needs

The co-production is very widespread, especially in Northern Europe. Traditionally in our welfare system is a tool that has been adopted in Psychiatry post Franco, sinking its roots in the vision of Dr. Basaglia

More and more you are inquiring about its sustainability in social environments, however, several (as the fight against homelessness)

ELOSH investigates the transferability of the model, comparing practices 9 different countries of the European Union

The 15 September in Brussels were presented the results of the project during the ELOSH Final Conference: Housing and Support: successful ways to help people with complex housing needs

The partners developed basic learning outcomes and a universal training package that can serve a wide range of subjects from various sectors of society (accommodation, Bless you, care, homelessness) with essential skills to deal with the growing challenges

These findings and tools were structured in order to create a European flexible package that has been tested in seven countries by providers of accommodation services and assistance

Modular training pack Classroom training pack


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