The National Working Group ROAD WORK AND RESIDENCE presented the Concluding Document the process that began over a year ago

This document is the result of a joint effort which involved:

Association Pope John XXIII (Rimini)
Street lawyer (Bologna)
Street lawyer (Milan)
Caritas Ambrosiana (Milan)
Caritas di Lodi
Caritas Pavia
Library Cascina (Milan)
Comune di Milano (CASC)
Community project (Milan)
Community solidarity (Trento)
City Angels (Milan)
COOP. Stranaidea (Turin)
Italian Red Cross
Farsi next (Milan)
Fondazione Auxilium (Genoa)
Network services for extremely marginalized Como
Ronda della Carità (Milan)
Door Open (Modena)
Ronda della Carità (Verona)
Open Space Services (Milan)
Volontarius (Bolzano)