The National Working Group TAKING CHARGE AND HEALTH INTEGRATION PARTNER presented the Concluding Document the process that began over a year ago at the General Meeting of Shareholders 30 may 2017

This document is the result of a joint effort which involved:

Life Detroit - Fond. House of charity (Milan)
Ilaria Avoni - Coop. Piazza Grande (Bologna)
Cristina De Michele - Coop. Community Project (Milan)
Monica Incerti Telani - Coop. The Oak (Reggio Emilia)
Massimo De Albertis – City of Turin
Daniele Pagani – Opera San Francesco (Milan)
Paul Tengattini - Society of St. Vincent de Paul (Brescia)
Mirella Pignataro – Comune di Milano
Stefania Zazzi - City of Milan
Paola Arghenini - Caritas Lodigiana
Alessandra Gallo - Pio Office of the Compagnia di San Paolo (Turin)
Paul Vendramin – Caritas Como
James Manfredi - Caritas Como