Right of residence and right to vote

The appeal of the fio. PSD and Street lawyer the Italian mayors


Next 5 June There will be local elections for the renewal of 1.368 common throughout Italy. From this important moment in the life of Country risk being excluded the more than 50 thousand people living in the street According to the latest survey made by Istat in association with FAS. PSD.

One of the major problems from these people is undoubtedly the lack of registered residence, without which you will lose most of civil rights and among them is the right to vote and to stand as guaranteed by The Italian Constitution in art. 48 who says the voting rights cannot be limited except for civil incapacity or as a result of an irrevocable criminal sentence or in cases of moral unworthiness laid down by law ".

Give the residence those who do not have a fixed abode might seem a matter of difficult solution, but it did not happen. The law n base data. 1228 of 24 December 1954 enables those who live on the street to take up residence in various ways: at the fictional street of Commons who deliberate, indicating how an address for the headquarters of an association or another facility where it is known, or, as a last resort, asking in your country of birth.

With you not only get the right to vote, but it allows people to cure, to enroll at the employment Center, they can be followed by social services and to be able to take really a recovery path that otherwise it becomes impossible.

We cannot prevent a person from voting only because it is poor, but that's what happens in reality.

A few days before the vote let us therefore make an appeal to all mayors of Italian municipalities that will go to vote because they are guarantors of the right of residence of persons who live in the street in their territory, allowing them to vote and respecting their constitutional right.

Find here the judgment and a brief comment one of these cases.

In case of rejections or resistances to grant residency to the competent offices, the election season is a popular time for appeal. In view of the urgency (ensure the right to vote), In fact, You may file an emergency appeal (the "700"). The Courts, in many cases, They ordered mayors to recognize the ’ entry in registers to ensure the right to vote to applicants.

The application must be made through a lawyer and must pay in taxes a unified contribution of approximately 500 Euro. Lawyers for “Street lawyer” are available in all their 41 locations to follow the actions and, where there are no, can intervene through their networks of addressees. For the cost of the unified contribution you may from time to time see if you can apply for legal aid.

For more information, please write to info@avvocatodistrada.it and comunicazione@fiopsd.org

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