Living on the street, in a bedroom, in a precarious situation or fortuitously hosted by someone is an extremely uncomfortable condition, perhaps the worst because it takes away dignity, strength and humanity

We live in a time when attention is driven, for a petty opportunist spirit and propaganda, against the fate of dozens of people who are fleeing war, by poverty or still in search of a better life

instead There is no mention of the thousands (more than 55.000) that across Italy suffering a homelessness, poverty and extreme deprivation

Unless you are to hinder the maintenance of "urban quality", which is the only one left because the human miserably short supply

It happens that the 4 July releases the INPS circular 2521 (income support performances are referred to subjects homeless. Clarifications to the message n. 689 of 20 February 2019) in which he reiterates that The homeless are people who have no fixed abode, but they have the right to obtain a residence, even though "fictive", in the municipality where they established their residence provided they have complied with the obligations (…)”

It reiterates that the residence is precondition for recognition of entitlement to income support for welfare services

It happens, however, also that in many cities the municipal offices pose obstacles to obtaining this right, or ignore the very existence of the fictional residence and its obligation (We receive signaling and requests for help almost daily)

It also happens, always on 4 July, that instead of being helped, they are fined 200 Euro, which it is not only disheartening for those who receive the fine but it is also stupid and unnecessarily bad for the person who inflicts, or pushes to inflict fines because this will not only never paid, but the citizens will pay the cost of bureaucratic

And the person who vigilant you have awakened and fined what he will do now?

He must stay awake and standing all night to drive around the city?

You can sit somewhere but according wait to not fall asleep ever, risk new fine?

It will look for a place to sleep do not detrimental to the decorum?

He will hide to have a wink of sleep a few hours without the anxiety of being chased?


Unfortunately at this time the policies are in line with expectations: PUNITIVE

People, the citizens, voters are not satisfied if their lives are better but if worsens that of the "other"

It happens

Focus on "La Residenza è un diritto!"