The fio. PSD, For over 30 years working alongside the homeless and the services that they relapse of Immigration and Safety Decree occupy feels extremely dangerous (#decretosalvini) both for reasons of substance both for reasons of beginning

In the drug remain three points of very high concern decree:

  • The repeal of the residence permit for humanitarian reasons and the introduction of special residence permitsthe result in the inevitable and exponential increased number, sadly already high, of undocumented persons on the territory or with a suspended or uncertain legal status

This condition puts people in a state of extreme vulnerability and insecurity that, can not allow in any way access to housing, at work, to residence, education and to any other right, eventually reduce them to "live" on the streets or in unsafe or inadequate accommodation, prey to any kind of exploitation and risk recruitment into criminal association with an obvious increase in the insecurity of all citizens

  • The elimination of the right to enrollment registry for asylum seekers, ie those who have a residence permit for asylum request results in the inability to exercise all the rights related to residence

For years we struggle to ensure access to homeless, because of the importance that this plays in the path of autonomy and escape from the condition of marginality and in the name of equality towards all other citizens

  • The dismantling of the fact SPRAR system, reserved from now on to those whom the international or subsidiary protection has been recognized, will no longer allow access to this accompanying measure to those who are seeking asylum or holding a residence permit for humanitarian reasons (from now on special permits) as, For example,, the neo-older former unaccompanied minors, that is not the full protection recognized

This will involve, Once again, an increase of homeless people and, in particular, a increase in young people and children homeless, rising phenomenon and already a matter of considerable concern

For what concern beginning we reject vigorously l 'security-obsessed which leads to 'hateful equation poverty / migration = crime / insecurity,

Increasingly popular are the so-called hate crimes against homeless people and migrants, incentivized and underestimated by this wave of intolerance that creates tension and that, Once again, It represents a real threat to the welfare and social security.

We firmly believe that poverty and migration are not crimes

For all these reasons, we strongly urge that Parliament does not convert the decree into law