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In may 2013 was initialled a partnership agreement between FAS. PSD and Caritas Italy European structural funds towards the realization of projects "Housing First"on behalf of the homeless and in serious condition exclusion.

The agreement takes a sensitivity and an interest born of several Diocesan caritas, individual or aggregated into regional delegations, with respect to the implementation of measures and projects of welcoming people in serious condition exclusion that approach the traditional hospitality in the logic of the housing first.

This new sensitivity is one of the fruits of common experience developed in direct national survey on the situation of homeless people and carried out by FAS. PSD and Istat and financed by Caritas Italiana and the Ministry of labour and social policy.

The agreement, Therefore, has the sense to continue that experience of partnership and common pressure compared to the issues of homelessness from forms of animation from the territory.

Specifically, FIO. PSD will accompany three regional delegations caritas (a North, one in the middle and one in the South) that will be identified together with Caritas Italy for the construction of projects and operations in the framework of the use of ERDF funds (European structural funds) in the logic of projects within the housing first. These regional areas will be trained and accompanied to speak with their respective regional levels so that you can design in this context paths istruitre.

Are part of the agreement also training at Diocesan caritas, of information on issues of use of the European structural funds and, precisely, the accompanying actions aforementioned regional delegations given an account above.

The project, which expires in June 2014, also includes a grant of 20,000 euros to fio. PSD by Caritas Italiana.

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