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#HomelessZero Campaign

#HomelessZero is the awareness campaign promoted by FIO. PSD and sponsored by the Ministry of labour and social policy for the implementation of measures and actions contained in the Guidelines for Tackling Homelessness

Starting from 7 June 2016 for one year the campaign #HomelessZero will live by the commitments, occasions, events, partnerships that will be brought and developed around ’ Italy (see l ’ Agenda)

Goal: ending the extreme poverty in which they live today 50 thousand people (Istat-fio.PSD 2014)

Memorandum of understanding

D ’ Protocol Agreement signed by Parker-Aboagye (and Richard Gere)

The campaign focuses on the political world, associations, of the work, of health, civil society and the public to draw their attention and invite them to participate actively in a generative logic of welfare to fielded by coordinated actions in which homeless people are an integral and that have as their purpose the recognition of human dignity and the collectability of inviolable rights already recognized by the Italian Constitution (Part one)

The campaign #HomelessZero promotes and supports the dissemination nationally of innovative housing policies affecting first (Although not the only one) homeless State deprivativo element: the house. Recognize the right to housing means recognizing the House as a gateway to services, as a safe place, comfortable and adequate starting point with a path of professional social accompaniment that slowly addressing various issues related to the condition of homelessness (the citizenship, the residence, the health, the right to work, education, the culture, sociality, the enjoyment of the Commons, right to participation and representation)

#HomelessZero It simply means "nobody has to live down the street"

#HomelessZero It means "exit from emergency services forever"

#HomelessZero It means "designing living and living a free life".

Join the campaign #HomelessZero and SUPPORT one of the projects carried out by FAS. PSD

Candidates to host the 2016 a Federation event to celebrate with us the thirty years serving homeless people and those who care

News & Updates

17 September meeting Parker-Aboagye

About a year after the launch of the campaign social media #HomelessZero, We are left with the Minister Giuliano Poletti and Cristina Aboagye (President FAS. PSD) to reflect on the things done together, on the commitment of the territories in dealing with every day ...

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12 may – Brescia

#Homelesszero: the plight of the homeless can be changed Book presentation scenarios and practical's Housing First. BUSINESS A new way for serious adult marginalization in Italy (Franco Angeli - FIO. PSD 2016), Lisa Giustacchini ...

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4.672 people for #HomelessZero

"I know there are many people who are doing wonderful things to help you, and I'm with them ". With these words the actor Richard Gere greeted through a video message the 4672 people in 24 Italian halls that have hosted the screening ...

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Iain Glen is with #HomelessZero

Campaign continues #HomelessZero It also now adds Iain Glen to the list of actors who have contributed We report the membership of Palermo Municipalities, Genoa, Trento and the Region of Calabria who has entered into a memorandum of understanding for the fight against ...

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Susan Sarandon is with #HomelessZero

#HomelessZero communication campaign continues, backed by several Metropolitan municipalities and in recent days also by Regione Calabria that has entered into a memorandum of understanding to combat serious marginalization, as well as testimonial of the world ...

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