The project is promoted by the regional Forum of the third sector and has been developed with the qualified contribution to fio. PSD.

Welcome to restart has two goals: strengthen and extend regional network public and third sector bodies engaged in actions, actions and projects in the context of extreme poverty, in margins and homelessness; experience some good practice in as many Territories, through an agreed methodology and comparable aims to bring out relevant aspects in order to prevent slipping on the chronicity of extreme poverty and/or homelessness

The actions foreseen include a first phase of mapping, preparatory to a consolidation and expansion of that network through mutual knowledge.

The next step of identifying good practice is instead aimed at Exchange and collaboration among teams of workers of different territories.

This is followed by the identification of six situations, identified according to a territorial policy and issue, in which experience pilot actions aimed at people in extreme poverty or homelessness.

The project provides information and dissemination, in line with the provisions of the Emilia Romagna region for the development of the system of social services

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