20events represents a path in orbit around the presentation of research data on Homelessness that hopes for the renewal of policies for the fight againstHomelessness through new information and new operational tools.

An event by region (minimum) that will be an opportunity for meetings between the various realities who participated in the Research, between the institutions, Volunteers and the possible actors involved.

Download Location of Territorial 20eventi

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Event dates:

19 June 2013 – MilanNational research on the conditions of homeless people : Focus on the Milan metropolitan area

5 marzo 2013 – Cosenza – The unseen ones around us

23 January 2013 – Bolzano – Community to the road – and the return?

15 December 2012 – Rimini – But where is my home?

13 December 2012 – Turin – National research data on Homelessness

5 December 2012 – Trieste – Policies, services and social professions between personal and community potential fragility

30 November – Venice – Drama and Homeless resource: the traits of new and old poverty

30 November – Aosta – Subsidiarity, participation and reinvention of the common good in times of crisis

20 November 2012 – TrentoWe make visible the Invisible

7 November 2012 – Brescia50 MILA SOLITUDES, The plight of the Homeless in Italy

7 November 2012 – BergamoThe stereotype to reality

20 October 2012 – Milan – Night of Homelessness (Watch the video with l’intervention of p. Pezzana)

19 October 2012 – Palermo – Presentation of research on Homelessness

13 October 2012 – Modena – Day Scarp de’ Tenis