Workshop*, Milan, 16 April 2019 10:30-16:30

Charity Round Via Antonio Picozzi 21 (Milano Lambrate)

After the great participation Workshop on road work held in Milan last year, fio.PSD is pleased to promote the second WORKSHOP "ROAD WORK: TOWARDS AN OPERATIONAL DEFINITION "inviting the various public and private organizations that are participating in the activities ofNational Working Group "Residence and street work" to take part in the final works

The meeting to be held in Milan 16 April from 10:30 at 16:30 Via Antonio Picozzi 21, It will be an opportunity to participate in the concluding part of the operational definition of the path street work. The final document will be presented in National Assembly fio.PSD (16 May 2019) and it will represent an important milestone in the path of cultural promotion and good practice that the Federation together with the territories want to continue

What is street work?

What are the ontological principles? What skills should have the team? Engagement Practices and service orientation? These and other topics will be on which we will write many hands text. Bring material, good practice, photo, experience and feeling and we sign the document together.

And 'welcome confirmation by email tocaterina.cortese@fiopsd.org


* The workshop part of the activities of the National Working Group fio.PSD "Streetwork and residence". The initiative is promoted by fio.PSD with the kind collaboration of Ronda member of Charity of Milan will host the day's work. They are participating in the activities of the WG: Library Cascina (Milan); Ronda della Carità (Milan); Ronda della Carità (Verona); COOP. AIR SPORTS (Van Rijn); Door Open (Modena); Street lawyer (Bologna); Caritas Como; Caritas Lodi (Lodi); Fondazione Auxilium (Genoa); Italian Red Cross (Milan); Italian Red Cross (Rome); Caritas of Trento; Comune di Milano (CASC); Association Pope John; ; Volontarius; Open Space Services (Milan); City Angels; COOP. Stranaidea (Turin) and other organizations …