Meeting of 14 January

Monday, 14 January 2019, Genoa pm 10.30 at hours 13:30., It will hold a meeting between representatives of the FIO. PSD and adherents Network Housing First Italia. The event is dedicated to the members and members of Tuscany and Liguria, but is open to all those interested

In recent months, several meetings took place around Italy; these appointments, directed in particular to members of the Network but not only, They are intended to outline the state of individual projects under way and to collect specific training needs, also in view of the next Winter School (5-8 February 2019 in Trieste)

The meeting will be held by Giuseppe Dardes (Coordinator of NHFI) and it will also be open to all those who need some information on the location of the Network and the ability to start a Housing First trial, and to institution in the territory they are carrying out the PON projects

Appointment hours 10.00 in House of the Young, P.zza S. Sabina 4 (700Mt, 10 min walk from Principe Station) where we will be guests of members of Fondazione Auxilium

We ask everyone to sign up to the meeting (within the 10 January) in order to better organize the room and lunch that will be offered at the end of meeting

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House of the Young

House of the Young