L'art. 5 the Statute provides that can become members of the Federation: the Private entities non profit, that for statutory purposes carry out activities which comply with the statutory goals of the Federation; the Public bodies not economic to do at least some significant functions coincide with those of the Federation. On no account the number of public shareholders exceed twenty percent of that of private shareholders.

Who wants to join should send to the Secretariat:

– a written request, directed to the Board of Directors PDF Word/ZIP

– a copy of the Statute (with the exception of public bodies)

– a concise but comprehensive Letter of introduction.

The Governing Council shall review the applications received and reserves the right to respond within 60 days, According to provisions in art 2 the General Regulation. In the event that the Board of directors give a favourable opinion on the application for admission, the new shareholder may fine-tune membership by paying the annual fee. Based on art 3 paragraph 1 the General Regulation “annual dues shall be established in:


for the Public Bodies:

€ 750,00 for municipalities until 5.000 inhabitants;

€ 1.000,00 for municipalities over 5.000 and up to 50.000 inhabitants;

€ 1.500,00 for municipalities over 50.000 and up to 1.000.000 inhabitants;

€ 2.000,00 for municipalities over 1.000.000 inhabitants;


for the Private Entities:

€ 300 for companies with Active annual cash flow * under 50.000 Euro

€ 600 for companies with Active annual cash flow * from 50.001 in 500.000 Euro

€ 1.000 for companies with Active annual cash flow * from 500.001 in 5.000.000 Euro

€ 1.500 for companies with Active annual cash flow * exceeding 5.000.001 Euro

The fee payment can be made by bank transfer to bank account payable to fio. PSD whose coordinates are shown below:

Unicredit Banca:

Turin Agency Treasury IBAN: EN 88 C 02008 01110 000101406880

Based on art. 3 paragraph 2 and 3 , the annual fee must be paid within the 30 April each year and the non-payment of dues for second consecutive year, notice of default letter written, allows the Member's exclusion procedures moroso.

* Having regard to the legal and fiscal obligations difference that many of its members have with each other to Active annual cash flow We mean l ’ total amount of economic activity of ’ institution. They can be understood as the total turnover of ’ institution, or as the sum of revenue or as the sum of the contributions received or how the amounts of membership fees and fees for activities and donations received, always in ’ previous year.


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