Active Youth, una ONG Lituana il cui focus è con e per i giovani, sta cercando partners per partecipare all‘Erasmus+ KA1 in Lithuania, occasione di scambio e formazione per giovani.

I principali dati del progetto sono i seguenti:

• Nome: On the Sidewalk (acronym: OTS)
• Contesto: Erasmus+ KA1; youth exchange
• Luogo: Lithuania
• Data: marzo-aprile 2020; durata: 7 giorni + 2 giorni di viaggio
• Paesi Participanti: France, Germany, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Turkey
• Numero di partecipanti per paese: 5 participanti (età tra i 20 e i 29) + 1 team leader (senza limiti di età)


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One of the sensitive problems that is widely seen in every EU country is homelessness. The number of homeless or displaced people in Europe has grown significantly over the last few years. Over 3 million people are homeless in the European Union. Youth homelessness has risen as a result of high youth unemployment due to the crisis and early school leaving. Many young people have precarious jobs or part-time contracts. The ongoing inflow of migrants is an important driver of homelessness as well. 18- 29 years old people represent around 30% of homeless population in Europe.

The main aim of the project is to raise awareness about homeless youth to lower social exclusion and develop the EU social dimension. To achieve this a youth exchange will be hosted in Lithuania in summer and will involve 36 participants. Priority will be given to those from disadvantaged backgrounds and with fewer opportunities.

To reach the goal of the project, we will focus on four main objectives:ù

  1. Develop youngster’s understanding of the process of homelessness;
  2. Generate ideas how to lower homeless youth social exclusion;
  3. Spread tolerance, respect and boost solidarity among people;
  4. Raise social awareness on homelessness across the EU.

Material will be delivered after the project: awareness campaign and homeless youth portraits: this will be used to reach the public and disseminate the results widely and effectively.