National Policies for the Homeless

Starting from 2010, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies - DG Social Inclusion has launched a series of policy actions to strengthen the contrast of the intervention system to extreme poverty and homelessness with the aim of the emergency approach adopted so far at the local level *

It is the first national structural intervention after the reorganization law 328 of 2000 (art. 28) establishing lines of action and allocate specific resources for the homeless

Among the initiatives, and the most relevant programming documents on Welfare, social and Homelessness Services in Italy there are:


Within this complex programming framework, It fits a specific public notice only intended to finance services for homeless people:

  • Warning 4/2016 – Public notice for submission of Proposals for action to combat the serious adult marginalization and homelessness to be financed out of the European Social Fund, programming 2014-2020, National Operational Programme (PON) "Inclusion" and the Fund for European Aid to Indigent, programming 2014-2020, Operational Program for the delivery of food and assistance of base material (OP I FEAD)


The resources allocated specifically for homeless people in the first phase amounted to 50 millions of euro (25 million from the PON Inclusion (ESF) + 25 million under the op I FEAD) and they are distributed (List allocated resources) among local authorities (Metropolitan cities, large municipalities and territorial areas) presenting a concentration of the phenomenon particularly relevant. In particular:

  • 25 million allocated to the metropolitan cities;
  • 25 million to Regions, that can directly submit proposals for action to be taken within its territories or delegate the presentation to other local authorities.


The Italian experience, as stated several times the President fio.PSD, It is perhaps, to date, the only good European practice Integration of funds for combating poverty and social exclusion and has been enhanced in the Commission's events in Brussels. The Notice 4/2016, In fact, allows financial project with only two distinct types of actions that go to structure and complement each other:

  • PON inclusion (ESF)→ finances the strengthening of local services for taking care of the homeless
  • FEAD Operational Program(Fund of European aid for the needy) → finances the purchase of material goods to be used for example in the provision of low-threshold services.

In addition, for the first time in Italy, there will be structural funding for the homeless

Starting from 2018 a share of Poverty Fund amounted to 20 millions of eurofund interventions and services in favor of people in extreme poverty and homelessness (Article 7 of the implementing Decree of REI)

This is a significant change, not only for structural character, and so stable, of funding, but also because these resources are added to those already allocated funds that, Thanks to the way it was programmed using, provide in the current programming period 2014-20 (with the possibility of spending up to 2023) about 100 millions of euro to be allocated to the interventions against severe marginality




* Information taken and processed in a technical note sent by the Ministry to LPS fio.PSD during an event of the Campaign #HomelessZero

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