We publish a letter of Vice President Domenico Lectern which raises the new season Housing First under the coordination of fio.PSD

Dear friends, dear friends of the Housing First Italian Network,

it is with pleasure that I write on behalf of the presidency and all the staff to introduce the fio.PSD relaunch path of the activity of Network Housing First Italia in 2018.

The arduous Start the PON, the support offered to many regions – otherwise they threatened not to join this important opportunity for the development and improvement of services – and a rotation in the network coordination slowed our relaunch.

Today we start with a comprehensive program for the 2018 and with the desire to draw down this year, thanks to a stronger link with the territory, an education closer to your needs.

Here is the itinerary drawn up in November 2018:

  • April May 2018 Recon the area– They are being defined dates and places where some meetings will be made to: to know the state of the Housing First experimentation on different territories, collect specific training needs related to testing, propose a moment of connection between the network of the work and the realization of the POR process.
  • 24-26 May 2018Spring School (first level). The spring school is designed for top-level entities, that is, those organizations that have registered for the first time in two years to Network 2017-2018 or have just ended ad hoc training courses on the subject's Housing First (example, Veneto region). The duration is 2 and a half days in Veneto, soon we send precise information on the performance venue. The Spring School takes up and extends the path traced in Syracuse last summer for all those who have just started, or they have not yet started, to test the model.
  • 18 – 19 June 2018 Housing First International Conference (summer school second level). This important conference replaces, for this year, because of the value and importance of the event, our summer school for second-level entities. We will have a moment ad hoc, within the two-day conference, for a moment of connection and exchange with the senior members of the network.
  • June to October 2018 supervisory actions and assistance to the territories.
    During this period of many territories, thanks to ROP - Regional Operational Plans, It will begin testing of Housing First projects. The fio. PSD, through network, will offer all the necessary technical support (especially with consulting actions, Supervision and monitoring) to facilitate the realization.
  • November 2018 – Winter School. The novembre, at a location to be determined, We realize a winter school for both the network membership levels offering shared work spaces distinct moments and training to meet the diverse learning needs. The school becomes the occasion for a balance of the work in 2018 and a raise on 2019. To further qualify this national moment will certainly be fruitful liaison with European and international experience.

It also points out some "work in progress" that allow you to better understand the operating ferment, and evolutionary, that the network is experiencing this season:

  • four operators are taking part in the path called Train the trainer(Training for trainers) organized by 'Housing First Europe Hub, who took part 37 participants from 13 European countries (Sweden, Spain, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Finland, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Holland).
  • precisely on the basis of European experience it is working to acquire a variety of information and evidence enabling the launch of a process certification accession to the HF Network Italy. We will work so that the training offered in the network can be certified, therefore distinct from other generic training, and - gradually - enabling participation in respect of the PON calls.
  • we are initiating a kind of workshop of Ideas, named LAB Housing First, It composed of qualified representatives of trainers and operators in the area (both public and private social). At LAB you are asked to become the creative engine of the network and collaborate on strategic planning for the coming years.

Away, you will have contact and receive updates from Adam Anita and Joseph Dardes.

In thanking you for your attention, I am hopeful to see you soon and to continue along this journey to the persistent search of putting people and their rights at the center of our projects and our service.


Domenico Lectern

Vice President fio. PSD e referente del Network Housing First Italia

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