"For Alfred, have their own house was a revelation:
Saddle, After nights in dormitories and rehabilitation centers, is great just waking up in the middle of the night to smoke a cigarette, with no one to yell at you.
They are little things, as you can swim, that people take for granted, but for me it means a lot.
I love this.
I never told anyone, but I love to take a bath with the shower gel.
Saddle, It is something that I could not do before. Are my things, take a bath, to cook, smoking in bed.
Even after nine years, every time you turn the keys in the lock of my house I always feel the same emotion. "

adapted from Housing First. A history-changing stories, Franco Angeli, 2018


Story after story, person after person, the model Housing First continues to grow and take root in welfare systems of most Western countries

In just twenty years, this little pioneering intervention has become a critical approach in the vast offer social health world, shaking the requirements of a sector that provides services to the value of several billion dollars and revolutionizing cultural paradigms

The emphasis is that change was supported by the research findings

For social policy is a rather rare phenomenon and therefore more precious. Especially when you consider that the practice of 'Housing First, based on scientific evidence, considers as priority human rights and freedom of choice of the homeless. fragile, the excluded, those living in conditions of severe marginalization have a say and possonopartecipare their path of change and autonomy, leaking from the hardship and social integration, with a view to self-determination and control over their lives

Network Housing First Italia

In Italy the party program in the biennium 2014-2016 He is experiencing a new season to consolidate the results, surprising, of the first phase and accredit the work of Network Housing First Italia, within the fio.PSD, as the only person qualified for the promotion of the model, operator training, The local team accompanying and monitoring and evaluation of local projects under the supervision of the Scientific Committee fio.PSD

territorial Labor

After the first meetings with the regions Calabria, Sicily, Veneto and Emilia Romagna keep appointments for territorial recognition of Housing First projects operating or meeting with fio.PSD members and institutional entities that are interested in starting the program. In the coming months we will meet dealers and institutional realities Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino, Piedmont, Lombardy, Liguria,Lazio and Tuscany


The training of social workers involved in Housing First projects were differentiated by levels. After Spring School 2018 a Zelarino (AND) opportunity for professionals who begin their service in HF projects, It is scheduled for the realization of a Winter School a Trieste dedicated to operators already included in HF projects for a few months or a few years

This year, the network operators have benefited from an important training opportunity by participating in the III International Conference First sull'Housing, which was held in June in Padua. The presentations of the leading international experts and the meeting with Sam Tsemberis, He considered the founder of the model with its innovative program Pathways to Housing, further they motivated the group of participants to continue the work of consolidation and development of the program in Italy

Before the end of the year, the training offer will be enriched by two workshops, of a day, intended for directors and officers of social services to be able to know the model and evaluate the adoption in their local contexts

Network Europeo

In October we will conclude the first European path Train the trainers(Training for trainers) organized by 'Housing First Europe Hub fio.PSD of which is an active member. Among the group of 37 participants from 13 European countries (Sweden, Spain, Belgium, England, Scotland, France, Finland, Norway, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Holland) even four Italian operators who can offer their new skills at the service of the Italian network

Pon Inclusion Programs – whistling

The projects funded in the notice 4 - Inclusion Pon-Fead Ministry of LPS They are being implemented in different regions and metropolitan cities

The territories have designed the framework designed by the Ministry that directs evolution towards the inclusion-oriented services and housing-oriented

The Housing First has therefore a prominent place in several local projects! They are in the process of construction of operational links moments and proposals formative accompaniment by the Network Housing First Italian to support the Model Housing First development and its successful implementation since the eight key principles that distinguish the program from similar interventions but not supported from studio work, Search, training and evaluation carried out in recent years at the international level

The fio. PSD, through its operators and the activities of the Housing First Italian Network, He is investing much of his energies in assisting the design by promoting innovation and consistency drawn from the Guiding Principles and following the implementation of these projects through constant action of national and regional monitoring which will aim to highlight opportunities, impacts and limitidi this new season of serious policies to combat social exclusion