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February 2019



1. Hearing in the Senate on SAFC

The 5 February 2019 we were called by 11to Senate Committee which it has decided to proceed with a series of hearings on the bill n. 1018 converting Decree-Law 28 January 2019, n. 4, containing urgent provisions on Basic income and pensions, The hearings took place during the Bureau, enlarged to include representatives of the parliamentary groups
For fio.PSD was attended by the vice president Domenico Lectern and Caterina Cortese
We have presented and filed a Note on Homeless and Income of Citizenship

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2. Commentary on income

As already expressed in the Note that fio.PSD discussed in Senate, some points deserve clarification, in particular as it regards effective access to the extent of homelessness

  • the residence, that must be held for at least 10 years, of which the last 2 consecutively…
  • the question left open art.2, paragraph 2 decree The cases of access to the measure referred to in paragraph 1 They can be integrated…”
  • la parte di beneficio economico destinata al support for leasing…

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3. Proposal for amendments

In data 8 February we sent the 11th Senate Committee a proposed amendments to the Decree on the CBI, Elaborata in collaborazione con i soci di Street lawyer, la cui partnership ha già portato al censimento delle Fictitious Vie, The proposal aims on some critical issues such

  • the continuity of the residence
  • full recognition of Via Dummy
  • enlargement of the requirements for those who can certify the existence of social support project
  • the protection of those who lose their residence during the benefit
  • that the portion allocated to housing support should also (and much more) to those who do not have a home

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4 Starting PON programs

The actions related to projects approved with funding of’Warning 4/2016 begin to see the first steps in the Italian territories. Many local areas have arranged the tenders for the award of services and in some large cities have already started activities for reception
The federation has launched the first training courses in Trento, in Turin, a Bergamo, with the areas of the regions of Tuscany and Piedmont
As soon as the services are entrusted to third sector organizations, They will turn on the support paths with the territories in which we are already collaborating

5. Winter School 2019

It took place from 6 all’8 febbraio a Trieste la Winter School 2019 of Network Housing First Italia
60 participants, representing 29 entities, including three municipalities and two Universities, from 18 city 10 regions
Training has developed the following themes

  • harm reduction
  • il lavoro con le persone vittime di traumi
  • l’HF come strategia di lavoro che coinvolge la comunità
  • rilancio gli strumenti di valutazione e monitoraggio del progetto
  • avvio di una comunità di pratiche

6. Press Review

7. Focus On: insights

The Focus On are the thematic analysis edited by the Secretariat and published on the site fio.PSD
We remember them on this occasion as a result of the third focus output

8. News from Europe

In this issue:

1) Hearing in the Senate on SAFC
2) Commentary on income
3) Proposal for amendments
4) Starting PON programs
5) Winter School 2019
6) Press Review
7) Focus On: the deepening
8) News from Europe

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