Before the short Mon Clochard and public event

And’ the first was a success in Imola Short Film my Bum, movie director Gian Marco Pezzoli and designed by Martha Bedell

A chance to talk about those who are not people for many, to which many people devote to them a feeling of indifference or contempt

The meeting organized by the We young people, fio.PSD which collaborated, They were attended by the following realities: Caritas Imola, Caritas Diocese of Rome, Piazza Grande, Foundation Charity House “A. Abriani”

Those interested in organizing a similar event in their city can contact us by mail

my Bum

David is a creature of habit and frustrated teacher who lives with his wife and son in a quiet suburban condo, whose life is made of days all the same.
When a mysterious homeless man is greeted in the courtyard of the building by one of the neighbors of David, other residents begin to take care of man in every way, that without saying a word seems to instill in them something that is very similar to true happiness. In all but not David, that, too attached to his poor habits, suspicious of him and begins to hatch a growing hatred, up to try to get rid of it, but in vain.
When the battle seems lost now, However, the sudden disappearance of the homeless will have unexpected effects.