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Housing First Italy

The path to accompany the Network Housing First Italia (NHFI)

The guiding principles

Fio.PSD has prepared an accompanying path, lasting for two years (2014-2016), intended for members of NHFI.

Aim of the course is to spread a new culture for social living, sustainable and inclusive aimed to overcome the problem of homelessness through experimental and innovative solutions that use the principles ofhousing first.

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Fio.PSD offers participating organisations an accompanying path articulated along the years 2014-2016:

  • accompanying measures, supervision and evaluation related to the experimental work of construction of Housing First, on their territory,
  • Training activities with webinars, summer and winter schools
  • Publish a presentation of the affiliate and services provided, on the facebook fan page managed by the franchisor called Network Housing First Italia
  • Promoting partnerships in national and European key using the funds in European planning 2014-20 in their joints


Some of the content covered will be:

  1. Basics of the Housing first approach
  2. Debate and perspectives HF compared: Europe, United States and Canada
  3. Social innovation and changes in paradigms of policies for serious profits
  4. How to start a program HF
  5. Users, Community, Services network, Neighborhood: integration and participated welfare
  6. HF team activities
  7. Resistance to change: How to deal with them
  8. The dwelling and living as a place of living
  9. Negotiations with public and private real estate market
  10. Collaborative evaluation of HF programmes
  11. Dissemination and sustainability de HF programmes

News & Updates

First meeting's Housing First European Hub

First meeting's Housing First European Hub Network The Housing First of Italy took part fio.PSD, from 15 at 16 may, the first meeting's Housing First European Hub, which was held in Barcelona, with 3 trainers who shared the Italian experience ...

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Housing First Projects in Italy

Projects of the First Italian Network Housing Projects with technical support fio.PSD and funded by NOP Notice 4 Projects without technical support fio.PSD and funded by NOP instructions ...

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New members of the Network which is renewed

"For Alfred, have their own house was a revelation: Saddle, After nights in dormitories and rehabilitation centers, is great just waking up in the middle of the night to smoke a cigarette, with no one to yell at you. They are little things, as you can do ...

read more – 16 July 2018

Housing First, literally "first home", It born in the United States in the nineties and provides a direct passage from the street to the house for people without chronic dwelling and mental disorders. To the person who lives on the street or in a dormitory is ...

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