Educational platform on project cycle management


PROJECT generativity
“Generativity: manage it!"Is a project that responds to some of the critical issues that third sector organizations experience in design work in different areas of intervention, including the construction of social interventions, educational, empowerment of disadvantaged groups or individuals, in the creation of inclusive trails. The project responds to the need to acquire, develop and improve the skills on Project Cycle Management.


WHAT IS generativity
generativity the term refers to a self-training system, learning and growth of skills from which users can develop their own independent ability to create, generate, implement or produce new unique content to the original system proposed, no further support or input from the original creators of the system. We have taken the term "generativity", coined in 1950 by psychoanalyst Erik Erikson to indicate a concern in establishing and guiding the next generation. We applied this thought to the design, implementation and development of interventions, projects and services effective and sustainable, offering innovative new IT tools and through the dissemination of a culture of Project Cycle Management. The project aims to offer a range of educational tools and guidance to help new generations of the third sector to make a difference in their lives, developing interventions to restore and take care of their community. The project partners have decided to share their experience to promote a new generativity.


the essential aim of the project is to promote the spread of expertise in the design and development phase of effective and sustainable interventions in the social sphere, and inclusive education through the provision of library and training materials, the creation of shared environments that facilitate collaboration and reciprocity in the empowerment, in addition to the acquisition of skills and expertise and information related to the Project Cycle Management.

The project is structured on:

sharing platform

the five modules on the Project Cycle Management that will be tested during a five-day pilot training (Joint Staff Training Event)

- a series of tutorials online sul Project Cycle Management

- project meeting for the management, evaluation and dissemination