Decree Salvini: a dangerous choice


The fio.PSD over 30 years working alongside homeless people and services who deal, through advocacy actions, promotion of rights, culture, study and research of national and international scope, with a view to preventing and synergy with the territories and institutions for creating smart and innovative solutions aimed at combating the serious marginalization

And precisely because of this look to the prevention of causes discomfort and extreme poverty and are proud bearers of the experience of our partners, with our watchful eye on social and political phenomena that affect Homelessness, we consider unacceptable and extremely dangerous approval by the Council of Ministers, and the signature of the President of the Republic, of Decree Salvini (Decree-Law 4 October 2018, n. 113) both for reasons of substance both for reasons of beginning


Wanting to stay on our specific issues and focusing on value and centrality of the human person (value to us fundamental and essential), as well as on aspects purely related to the homeless person condition, appear at least three points of very high concern decree:

  • The repeal of the residence permit for humanitarian reasons and the introduction of special residence permitsthe result in the inevitable and exponential increased number, sadly already high, of undocumented persons on the territory or with a suspended or uncertain legal status

This condition puts people in a state of extreme vulnerability and insecurity that, can not allow in any way access to housing, at work, to residence, education and to any other right, eventually reduce them to "live" on the streets or in unsafe or inadequate accommodation, prey to any kind of exploitation and risk recruitment into criminal association with an obvious increase in the insecurity of all citizens

In addition, it is important to emphasize that this is very largely of young and already vulnerate because they are victims of extreme trauma, violence, abuse, torture and inhuman and degrading treatment

  • The elimination of the right to enrollment registry for asylum seekers, ie those who have a residence permit for asylum request (permission that is granted and renewed pending the hearing in committee and the decision by the same and, in case of appeal against a decision refusing the commission, pending final judgment by the court), results in the impossibility of exercising all rights related to residence

The residence has always been a bulwark to conquer and defend for fio.PSD, which for years has been fighting to ensure that access to homeless, because of the importance that this plays in the path of autonomy and escape from the condition of marginality (Guiding Principles for the fight against homelessness adult marginalization Italy) and, in General, in a perspective of equality towards all other citizens

  • The dismantling of the fact SPRAR system, reserved from now on to those whom the international or subsidiary protection has been recognized, will no longer allow access to this accompanying measure to those who are seeking asylum or holding a residence permit for humanitarian reasons (from now on special permits) as, For example,, the neo-older former unaccompanied minors, that is not the full protection recognized

This will involve, Once again, an increase of homeless people and, in particular, a increase in young people and children homeless, rising phenomenon and already a matter of considerable concern

The preference for government centers, which has become ordinary extraordinary, In addition, can not but make us reflect on how the CAS (extraordinary reception centers) CARA (reception centers for asylum seekers), especially for their size and for large numbers of welcomes, are far removed from the concept of "dwelling"Deep and complete sense, the only one that we hope, What location where the person can experience health and beauty, health resort par excellence at which to begin or restart. Recall, In addition, that the extraordinary centers, because of their nature, They are called upon to ensure only essential services and They do not aim at a real accompaniment of people towards the inclusion and social integration and, then, towards cohesion and the enrichment of the whole society


This security-obsessed conduce all’hateful equation poverty / migration = crime / insecurity, we reject and against which we fight firmly, and that only serves to criminalize the most disadvantaged segments of the population. Increasingly popular are the so-called hate crimes against homeless people and migrants, incentivized and underestimated by this wave of intolerance that creates tension and that, Once again, It represents a real threat to the welfare and social security. Even the same combination, the decree, the vast and complex field of international immigration and protecting public safety a complaint thinking and a culture based on fear and discrimination

We firmly believe that poverty and migration are not crimes and that there can be no happiness for a community if one does not use, day after day, so that each component is protected and put in a position to realize their desires, in full respect of the fundamental rights of every person

For all these reasons, we strongly urge that Parliament does not convert the decree into law