Every year fio.PSD, as a Full member of FEANTSA, It is committed to write Country Profile that the summary document describing the state of homelessness in their country and the policies aimed at the serious adult marginalization
For the 2018 we could use both data collected by Italian Caritas and processed by fio.PSD for thematic section dedicated to gross margins , both trends observed with the Questionnaire members fio.PSD
Between 2016 and the 2017 It does not record a significant increase of homeless people (from 26.078 in 28.697), but rather an intensification of requests. Each person carries more needs. As we know from years, poverty, and even more extreme poverty, It is multifaceted and dynamic. The foreign component remains unchanged (67%) the total homelessness but also in this case they detect two trends: more requests (support, education, health, Home) and increase in homeless youth under 35 (33%) and young people under 24 (already UAMS) that cater to low-threshold services. It may be single or young foreign couples, sometimes with children, which have low levels of education and high unemployment rates, job “other” or irregular work

Homelessness in Italy 2018