In 1983 He was born in Brescia coordination called "a thorn in my heart" certain organisations operating in the area of so-called ' serious marginalization». After a year of work and systematic dating, emerges the need to enlarge the knowledge to local authorities, ecclesial realities, cooperatives and voluntary associations that in Northern Italy dealing with homeless people «».

The 28 September 1985 the Conference was held in Brescia “Marginalization and hospitality“, sponsored by the Social Services sector and the Caritas Diocesana oriented to those in Northern Italy helped deal “frequenters of dorms and stations”.This event was limited to Northern Italy for organizational convenience sake, for a certain uniformity of action in place and for the commonality of issues determined by the person in transit from one city to another. During the meeting, by many among the participants, (202 people Rep of 76 groups) had been expressed a desire to continue the reflection that began over the Arabian nights of the Convention and, Therefore, the fact that you were engaged in organizing themselves in subsequent meetings.

Turin groups drew up the proposed formation of a travel-study, in collaboration with the UNIVERSITY COLLEGE of Turin, which was attended by two groups of operators and which took place in France and Germany.

In September 1986 It was decided the formalization of coordination in Northern Italy for the homeless: you put forth a Policy Paper and they gathered written initiative signatures to the secretary of Brescia.

The representatives of the participating organizations formed a Committee that early 1987 He engaged in the preparation of the meeting in Milan. The Conference, organised by Caritas Ambrosiana and the municipality of Milan, It took place on 20-21/6/1987 on the topic: “The marginalisation of S.F.D.: an open problem”.

Two, substantially, were the objectives, correlated:

1 – Knowledge of reality.

2 – The proposal to interventions on reality

There was a good attendance, numbers and for representativeness, with 259 present representing 128 groups and services. As a result of the Conference was to have to change the Policy Paper in view of the continued operation. Two new features:

1 – All groups participated in the activities through the Assembly, While he established a Committee which was made up of representatives of the areas and people with specific skills.

2 – It established the annual membership fee for self-financing activities.

In 1988 He planned four actions:

1 – the creation of a quarterly magazine link, produced in collaboration with the documentation centre “S. Frerini” of Brescia, the BETWEEN.

2 – The launching of training activities for workers and volunteers to develop the abilities and skills in the industry.

3 – The flow of information and materials on actions taking place in the sector.

The beginning of contacts and partnerships with groups in Central and southern Italy.

In 1989 they were pursued further goals:

1 – The proposal for two training modules on the night reception and the operator-user relationship in the area of services for the homeless.

2 – The presence in European initiatives: a symposium in Maastricht (NL), two workshops for young professionals in England and Holland, the seminar of the European Federation in Paris.

3 – Contact with the realities of Central and southern Italy, with the immediate collaborations in perspective, the basic idea of getting to be an Italian Federation.

4 – A National Conference for spring 1990 summarize and review the results of all these activities and marks a further step in the direction indicated previously.

In 1990 FIO.psd is born – Italian Federation of Organizations for homeless people (Memorandum and Articles of Association first)

The first General Assembly held in Brescia 1/12/1990.