1. The Italian Federation of organisations for homeless people is founded on the recognition of formal and substantive equality principles, solidarity, social justice, non-discrimination for all men and women, as expressed by the Italian Constitution and the Universal Declaration of human rights.

2. The fundamental value of FAS. PSD is the human person, living reality which is realized through relationship and meeting others, bearer of irrepressible dignity and rights to be recognized, protect, defend and promote in all conditions, especially in situations of marginalization and extreme poverty.

3. Social action, culture and politics of FAS. PSD is guided by the fundamental principle of the centrality of the person, that implies the participation of the person, with its history, its relations, its culture needs, his expectations, his hopes, its resources in developing policies and any intervention help.

4. FIO. PSD recognises the homeless person in any capacity in a community, a social subject fully rightholder, obligations and opportunities, whose dignity and the opportunity to enjoy a better life are in fact denied by the poverty in which he is forced to live.

5. The serious marginalization involves degrading poverty dimension for the person of relationships and suffering, submission to the constraints of the need, of the disease, of suffering, social stigma and injustice, in which human dignity is denied and inside which is severely limited free will and personal freedom. The experience gained by the fio. PSD is found that the serious marginalization is not an option but is an adaptation to the consequences of a process of exclusion that the person suffers.

6. FIO. PSD treats the homeless person as a subject in poverty tangible and intangible, the bearer of a faintness complex, dynamic and multifaceted, that does not end sphere of basic needs but that involves the entire sphere of the needs and expectations of the person, relational perspective species, emotional and affective.

7. FIO. PSD does not believe, based on its experience, in personal and social condition of severe chronic marginalization and considers every homeless person, in accordance with the ways and times adjusted to your needs, If properly supported, capable of evolving from their condition and to express their life meaningful and planning alternative to marginalization.

8. For these reasons. PSD designs and promotes the intervention with the homeless person as a complex intervention and planning, Welcome and individual counseling, they may also begin by meeting the basic needs but always in an evolutionary perspective and never limited to it.

9. The ability to access helping relationships and social rehabilitation and human promotion of project, individual and professional is considered by FAS. PSD a right of homeless people, chargeable in the network of services.

10. In accordance with the dictates of Italian Constitution, FIO. PSD considers that the guarantee of this right should provide public institutions emphasizing in the spirit of subsidiarity and participation-responsibility for the civil service, the contribution, the experiences, the non-institutional skills of all those working in the field.

11. FIO. PSD considers that policies and measures should overcome the logic of emergency that limits their effectiveness, promoting – on the contrary – permanent attention and transverse to the contrast of social exclusion.

12. For this reason. PSD believes the community work, effective participation, enlargement of territorial governance processes of the system of interventions and social services are the main avenue through which, together, the institutions, citizens and their intermediate social formations can counteract the serious marginalization.

13. FIO. PSD promotes the work of local area network, regional, nationally and internationally as a main political mode, cultural and operational to support homeless people, develop policies and approaches effective against serious marginalization, build social cohesion, encourage the growth of solidarity and sustainable development models in which the person in a State of severe marginalisation is valued as a resource for the whole company.

14. In order to achieve these values, FIO. PSD is constituted as a second level; by applying the subsidiarity principle it does not operate directly in contact with homeless people but is their constant service, in accordance with the principles and procedures set out by the Statute, through direct action of its members and the support for the activities of the latter.

15. Can adhere to the Italian Federation bodies for homeless people all those who declare that they recognize themselves in the values and principles expressed in this paper, operate consistently to them and meet the requirements laid down in this Statute.