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We report with pleasure the latest releases on the subject of Extreme Poverty, of Health's Housing, and we invite you to read during the summer break:

Bless you

Dignity and Well-Being – practical approaches to working with homeless people with mental health problems, AA.VV. 2019

It is a rich Manual with practical information for working with homeless people on three main domains (Social, Health, Housing) through different approaches and media (Recovery approach; Outreach Work; Networking; Staff care).
The manual is written in the hands of experts from several European countries and is the result of a European project (Erasmus Plus) to which the friends of SMES-Europe (we thank you for sharing with us the publication) They participated as a partner providing the methodology for writing the manual based on analysis of cases and visits to facilities . The manual can be certainly useful for the formation of future professionals who work with homeless people with mental health problems.

Homelessness Services

These are the results of a comparative investigation conducted by FEANTSA, dedicated to the analysis of services for homeless people 16 European countries (Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal and Spain). The types of services for the serious marginalization considered in the analysis were: temporary and emergency accommodations, Day centers and non-residential, Services focused on living dimension, Services at the prevention of homelessness. Through the analysis of documents and interviews focused, fio.PSD could deepen to Italy the situation of services for the extremely marginalized at the national level and in three local realities, Turin, Pisa and Biella, representing respectively big cities, medium and small size.

Housing First

L ’ article, published in 3 of 2018 dell’European Journal of Homelessness, It presents the results of an evaluation of the fidelity of four Housing First programs (HF) active in Bologna, Rimini, Syracuse and Verona. these are programs that have made the story's Housing First in Italy and are part of the “Network Housing First Italia” (NHFI), coordinated by fio. PSD. Inside the article you can find the scores (high / low fidelity) achieved by the programs and the factors affecting such loyalty is positively – such as collaboration with municipalities, frequent team meetings, and the presence of experienced staff -, either as obstacles – for example the limited external and internal economic resources and lack of skills HF

participatory planning

Professor China University of Turin, member of the Scientific Committee of fio.PSD, describes in the book the power that public anthropology may have during the planning of local interventions. The volume brings together the extensive experience of a scientific project of interdisciplinary research action between design and anthropology that can be useful for those who wish to engage in a participatory planning work.

Technical Documents signed fio.PSD

Young Homeless

GLN of the final document "Road Work and Residence"

The GLN presented May 2019 the Concluding Document of course started at the General Meeting of Shareholders 30 may 2017

GLN of the final document "Health"

The GLN presented in December 2018 the Concluding Document of course started at the General Meeting of Shareholders 30 may 2017